Monday, May 4, 2009


I've decided to start this blog as a way to (theoretically) collect and organize my thoughts. In the past it's always been a struggle for me to keep a notebook regularly and my thoughts seem to pass through my mind only to disappear into...emptiness, I guess, or wherever it is that forgotten thoughts go. Writing for me always turns out to be something more spasmodic - kind of like a lot of things in my life. With a sudden burst of drive and inspiration, I find myself buying a new moleskin (after all, aren't they the most tasteful, little mass-produced notebooks?), and I will write and draw and collect little scraps to (someday) paste in... I really have hte very best intentions. But within a few days, or if I'm lucky a week, that wind of inspiration turns out to have been just a gust and I am left with (yet another) mostly blank notebook, staring at me dejectedly from beneath some pile of clippings that I had originally meant to paste in. I wish I could say this weren't all true, but unfortunately it is. I'm also not going to even try to pretend that I think this is a "better alternative," because I really don't. But maybe for now it will work...

I really only just discovered this impressive world of blogs when I came to the south of Spain and needed a more efficient and practical way of keeping my friends and my family updated (not only am I still alive, but here are some photographs to prove it). In starting my travel blog, I fell upon several others that seemed to have inspired me once again (thank you, thank you!). But the travel blog did not seem like necessarily the appropriate place for my "other," travel-unrelated thoughts. So here we are... and though it seems strange to me to just jump right in, I suppose that's what I will do.

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