Friday, January 1, 2010


- to let the things i love be what i do.
- to enrich
- to forget myself and yet stay true to myself.
- to follow my instincts.
- to look a little closer.
- stop waiting for things to happen.
- to create.
- to walk slow and look up.
- to quit procrastinating.
- to be more grateful.
- to be less fearful.
- to live in light and love.

It is highly conceivable that I should try for some more concrete and quantifiable resolutions, however...
As someone who seems to eternally struggle to think of New Years Resolutions - and even when I do manage to come up with something, I'm fairly certain the last time I actually wrote them down was in 1998 - I thought I would make a sincere effort to change that. Here.
Happy 2010!

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